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Black Asian sensual full body massage – Youtube Videos

More of my own videos are coming soon….as the “Careh’s body to body” has been deleted recently by youtube.

New: December video – Paris Black Girl’s Massage

Hello there,
If your massage session is scheduled today, relax and enjoy your massage time with Alexa Melody of Paris 16th.

This is the first and only HotelSmassage site of Alexa Melody, Black Californian Masseuse who is now rated 5 stars in American bodyrubsreviews.
5 stars rating

The answer to most frequently asked questions:
Are you a real woman? Because I hate transwhatever. And Paris is one the most “dishonest” cities in the world. Yes, Alexa Melody is a woman-born-woman. So, as it is custom in Paris, you will never get a man disguised in a woman at your door nor another woman than the one on the following photo even if stolen photos are a frequent thing in France.
Real Face of Alexa Melody
Reservation and / or direct talk with Alexa melody at 07 358 366 884 or 33 758 366 884 when France international phone code is included. When calling from a hotel, please dial the “outside” number and then 758 366 884. Massage Paris
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