How to prepare for a great massage

Now you’ve booked your massage. I’m on my way. “How can I help creating a massage atmosphere? are you wondering. You usually do this:

1. Relax, relax and relax
You smile at this one, right? Well, one very successful celebrity is so anxious when he has a massage session scheduled that he calls, literally, every 5 minutes saying “What are you doing now and where are you now in Paris?
Result: I could not relax nor remember his name till I was back home!
. Once again, please relax want stress is contagious.

2. Have 1 large towel, ready on your massage table or mat or carpet of bed. And keep 2 other clean towels for the massage session

3. Are you not clean, please take a shower or a bath or clean

4. Prepare some nice and soft music. Don’t you have an ipod? Searching a music channel on your, won’t hurt

5. Have the donation for the massage ready, in an envelop or not. The donation is given before the massage, as it is no perishable service, as funny as it sounds.

6. Relax

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Hello there,
If your massage session is scheduled today, relax and relax and enjoy your massage time with Alexa Melody of Paris 16th.

This is the first and only HotelSmassage site of Alexa Melody, Black Californian Masseuse, now rated 5 stars in American bodyrubsreviews.
5 stars rating

The answer to most frequently asked question: Are you a real woman? Because I hate transwhatever. Yes, Alexa Melody is a woman-born-woman. Unfortunately, stolen photos happen a lot in Paris, meaning you can get a man disguised in a woman or a ugly impersonator in France, after internet search of a masseuse. Good news: Alexa melody uses her own amateur photos.
Real Face of Alexa Melody
Reservation and / or direct chat with Alexa Melody at 07 358 366 884 or 33 758 366 884 when France international phone code is included. When calling from a hotel, please dial the “outside” number and then 758 366 884. Massage Paris

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