hotel massage booking agreement

I’m a friendly woman with rules.

♕ Our agreement is a contract.
1. You must approved to qualify for my massage. And I reserve myself the right to accept or decline a massage offer or invitation or session.
2. Before entering this site, you certify not to be offended by images displaying semi-nudity
3. You accept the agreement to NOT to copy, save or duplicate the information or the text in this site without notarized prior permission and compensation of Alexandria Melody
4. Your donation is based on the time spent for your massage session
5. You are not investigating for the government or the show business but if it’s the case, you must introduce yourself at the first phone call and before the massage
6. You waive all rights to sue Alexa Melody and accepts that her services fall under the entertainment category and nOT under the medical category; although she has a diploma as a certified Masseuse.
7. You have the right to customize a massage before it starts. Feedbacks are okay.
8. By staying on this site or reserving Alexa’s massage session, you confirm to agree with the 7 previous conditions. If not please google away

This agreement is made between Alexandria Melody and the massage candidate. in English and French

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