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Hi. My name, as you already know, is Alexa Melody. I’ve been trained as a Masseuse in USA and Europe. I’m often told that I have a great personality and a perfect body. I am an attentive and friendly listener. And people feel, in general, that they can be themselves around me.

My clientèle goes from the student who can “afford” a real massage to the discriminating super busy VIP.

I work independently and alone. I respect all massage safety rules and more importantly, I enjoy massaging. What’s new ‽ Since 2015, my new phone number is 33 758 366 884 and I have added a gallery to this site. Further, I’ve learned new massage technics from Japan.

I am European born and I live now in Paris, France. I’m a cosmopolitan woman, who fancy travels, arts and many good things in life. I’m a optimistic woman and I never attend a massage session in a tired, disgruntled or disgusted state.

‘d like to give you a great massage, the best massage you ever had… cause visiting a spa isn’t a good idea, right now. What’s better than a massage by a sexy athletic Parisian woman, in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room now‽ Me.

Either you’re seasoned massage lover or a novice, you won’t be disappointed in my firm and soothing hands. Alexa Melody Hyatt

Please, just follow these 3 simple steps:

–  Choose a massage style

– Give me a call to schedule your massage session.

– Prepare yourself for a massage 

Once I get to your room, all that is left for you is to relax, rewind and surrender your body to my positive, healing touch and enjoy the benefits of your wonderful massage experience.

♕ Massage styles
All of my massage styles are great. You pick your style that you can customize for maximum wellness. Here’s the list:
Black Asian massage1. Californian relaxation massage

2. Anti-stress massage or energy booster massage

3. Back and neck massage

4. Deep tissue or sports massage

5. Sensual body massage. Again my massage is not a code for intercourse,

6. Body to body Asian massage

7. Toys massage

8. Domination massage

9. Lingerie, Uniform or Boots massage

10. Four hands or 2 girls’s massage

11. Egyptian King Massage

♕ Rates
No hidden charges, no fight, no extra taxi fee; and foreign currency accepted.
– 160 euros/ 40 minutes sexy red shoes
– 200 euros/ 1 hour
– 300 euros/ 1 hour for body to body, German domination massage or very strong massage, massage with toys, massage in boots or uniform
– Exceptions: Four-hands massage, The Egyptian King Massage, the VIP massage: from 500 euros/ 1 hour. Extra gifts are graciously appreciated.

♕ Schedule
Tourists and international business travelers and expats  four hands massage
24/7 or day and night, at the condition that you give me 1 hour notice during the day but if you live nearby, I can be at your place in 20 minutes, when I’m available. If you are outside Paris, you must give me, at least 90 minutes, and offer a 100 euros deposit.
Schedule for Paris Residents
Monday – Friday 11 AM until 11 PM and Sundays from 3PM to 11 PM

♕ Contact
Talk to me, Alexa Melody, directly by calling me at 0758 366 884 from a phone in France. When calling from an international phone, please dial 0033*****758 366 884 without the stars; cause they are here to protect my number from google.
If I don’t answer my phone cause I’m with a client or away from my mobile phone, I suggest you call again immediately if you already made a reservation.
I don’t answer withheld or blocked numbers; and rarely stranger’s sms.

♕Massage Time
Paris Hotels MassageSo, you want a massage today. Please
– Prepare the massage place in case of outcall and the cash.
– Make sure we don’t get disturbed during the massage
– Good to know: my friend is available for four-hands massages

If you can’t have a massage today
– Bookmark my site
– Keep my phone number
– Recommend my services to your friend or publish the links to my site in Linkedin Twitter or Facebook

Talk to me, Alexa, directly by calling at 0758 366 884 from a phone in France or +33 758 366 884, included international phone code.
If you want a wonderful time, come with me on a journey to discover and cultivate the full potential of your body.

♕ Massage Address
My non-commercial massage studio is located in Paris 16th arrondissement.
I do incall, outcall and hotel massages.
My address is between Porte Maillot, The Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysées that you can find on this google map .

See you soon.
Alexa Melody, your Personal Masseuse.

Hello there,

If your massage session is scheduled today, relax and start being sure you will enjoy your massage time with Alexa Melody of Paris 16th.

This is the first and only HotelSmassage site of Alexa Melody, Black Californian Masseuse who is now rated 5 stars in American bodyrubs reviews.
5 stars rating

The answer to most frequently asked question: Are you a real woman? Because I hate transwhatever because of my own taste, morality or religious beliefs. Yes, Alexa Melody is a woman-born-woman. The gender or photo scam is unfortunately very expanded in France, WHERE you can get a man disguised in a woman at your door or another woman than the one on the sites pictures. But once, again Alexa Melody is a woman and this is her own photo.
Real Face of Alexa Melody

December 15

December 15

Reservation and / or direct talk with Alexa melody at 07 358 366 884 or 0033 758 366 884 when France international phone code must be included.

When calling from a hotel, please dial the “outside” number and then 758 366 884. Massage Paris
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