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Are you ready for a great massage by an independent attractive Masseuse in Paris‽ You’re at the right place for your delightful French massage, Californian massage, Relaxation or Sports massage, Asian Body massage by

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Alexandria “Alexa Melody’s’ phone number is the new French mobile or cell phone number, which starts with 07.

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Independent Masseuse

Advantages: Alexa Melody is a Real woman born woman, English speaking Black American masseuse, Night massage ok, Credit card donations ok, Real Californian massage, Customized massage ok, Religious or married people ok, Airport hotel massage ok and… no hidden fees.

Warnings: The sensual pictures in this site are used to show the beauty of a healthy body. This means that sensual pictures are NOT an invitation for grown-up’s activities; and “Massage” is no code word for sex. Therefore only real massages are offered by Alexa Melody.

SMS and private numbers will not be treated, except as in previous arrangement with Alexa Melody. And more importantly, no massage will be given to people under 21 or deemed unhealthy or improper. Thank you for your comprehension.

Reservation and / or direct talk with Alexa melody at 07 358 366 884 or 0033 758 366 884 when France international phone code must be included.
Massage Paris

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