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Hi Massage Lover,
My name is Alexa Melody. I’m a certified Masseuse, who is an expert in Californian and Deep Tissue massage. I also offer other massages as well, such as Swedish, sports, body to body, etc. I am a real Christian woman-born-woman who speaks English, Dutch, Spanish.I AM a Black Californian masseuse who was born in Europe; this is why French is my first language (And my English is international).
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My traditional or special massages styles are intended to discriminating gentlemen and heterosexual women. I’d be glad to be your Massage Therapist. When people hear “Therapist”, they fear the Masseuse is ugly but I’m very sensual and got that top model allure with a non-artificial, non-superficial easy-going personality.

🔴Good to know🔴 Things that my massage-lovers find adorable about me:
– Without high heels, I’m not tall. Contrary to the fashion world, women who like me are around 5’4, ARE the most in-demand. My Chinese massage-lovers will confirm that.
– I’ve got a natural breast
– I’ve got soft skin and strong hands
– I’m very good with customized complex Japanese massages
– I am sweet, smart, sexy and look better in real than in photos
Night massage ok, Credit card donations ok, Religious or married people ok, Airports hotel massage ok, Heterosexual only ok, Oriental & VIP ok.

Are YOU looking for an independent attractive Masseuse in Paris, France or searching one to invite to your city somewhere worldwide‽ You’re at the right place becaUse I might be the masseuse of your dreams. I’m well-travelled, discreet, punctual and a good deal of regular massage lovers, are always enchanted to see me coming and leaving!

A reliable or an ebohy real Masseuse in Paris – France, is very difficult to find. Many amateurs are on listings, after not even knowing the meaning of a massage or after displaying “stolen” pictures of Models in their websites instead of their’s (A frequent thing in France, unfortunately, in grown-up’s business). But you will find me curiously, exceptionally gifted, as a Masseuse.

Besides, I love whatever I choose to do and I learned my profession of Massage Therapist in a gov approved school, although for more fun, my rub-downs have taken an entertaining twist.

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This warning is automatically different once I’m traveling in the USA; BUT Americans must be aware that nothing illegal will be tolerated, as I’m a proud Black Republican Massage-Artist.

The sensual pictures in this site are not more outrageous than a few paintings by Gauguin or Picasso; that means that my illustrations are to show the beauty of my healthy, athletic body. Therefore, I suggest you don’t embarrass yourself by asking someone who’s not your real-life girlfriend, such things as full service or happy end, whatever it means. I might accept invitations for “Restaurants, Bars or special event time”, only if you remember that there MUST be no “physical activities or experiences” involved, and this must be outside a massage session.

SMS (I’m adding a button for you to donate for texting, soon) and private numbers will not be treated, except in case of emergency or VIP privacy. And more importantly, no massage will be given to people under 21 or massage-candidate, deemed unhealthy or improper, at any point of view.

To my submissive massage lovers: I love being pampered; so, if you feel compelled to please me by a good massage to fulfill your domination assignment; I wouldn’t mind if the tribute is worth it.

Don’t you deserve to be near my caramel silky skin?

🔴The hottest massages, now:🔴 French massage, Californian massage, Relaxation massage, Sports massage, Asian Body massage and the Domination massage.
You, my best massage friends are from, in any order: USA, Russian Dubai, China, Australia, United Kingdom, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Netherlands.

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🔴Reservation, direct talk with Alexa and rates🔴 My mobile phone number starts with the new French code 07. Perhaps, you must dial 0033 7 58 36 68 84, if you’re using a foreign I-phone or Android.

This is one of my before-massage videos

The donation for a traditional massage starts at 160 Euros/30 minutes or 200 Euros/hour before 10 PM BUT 300 Euros/hour between 10 PM and 7 AM. VIP, travels and gifts are graciously accepted. Confidentiality is offered and required.
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